I began work as therapeutic tutor and academic coach in response to the need for excellent independent educational services for students of all academic abilities and learning styles.  My approach is informed by my experience as both an educator and as a clinical psychologist, working with kids from the inner city to the outer suburbs to help students, families, and educators understand the psychological and learning needs of those students.  

I’ve seen too many young people with learning differences go on to develop emotional difficulties as they lose confidence and hope.   I understand the emotional impact of academic frustration on a student’s life and the need to address it before it takes on a life of its own.  As a trained and experienced expert in both learning and mental health, I feel that the services I provide are unique and well suited to a wide range of children and young adults.

The Art of Teaching

I take a holistic approach to learning and to teaching, working patiently with the student to build confidence and skills for learning and for life.  With a new tutoring referral, I collaborate closely with families to get a picture of the student’s strengths as well as areas that need extra support.  I coordinate with schools when necessary to find out where and when difficulties arise with academics.  Finally, I typically like to consult with outside psychological assessors and put report recommendations to good use by implementing strategies that are best fitted to the unique individual.  The end goal of this work is finding a way for me to adapt to a student’s learning needs and teach them effective skills, rather than expecting them to adapt to my teaching style.

Academic Services

  • Customized academic coaching and support that meets individual needs
  • Services from primary school through graduate school
  • Organizational and time management strategies that work, even for those with executive functioning difficulties
  • Writing Assistance: New approaches to essays for academics and school applications
  • Reading Skills: Critical reading help for students of all abilities
  • Note-taking techniques for reading and class notes
  • Strengths-based study skills
  • Math strategies that work
  • Test anxiety and stress relief
  • Standardized Test Preparation (SAT, PSAT, some SAT II, AP & IB Exams)
  • College & Application Preparation (More on this below)


The Science of Learning

We’ve heard for years that new research and technologies will have wonderful educational uses in the future.  Many of these advances in cognitive science are already here, and many tests can tell us an enormous amount about how a child best learns.  Unfortunately, many parents and educational professionals are befuddled by the jargon of the expensive experts and the psychological reports that are supposed to explain how a child learns.

With a strong background in psychological testing and learning theories, I’ve learned to effectively transform the results of psych testing into efficient approaches to learning.  I understand differences in learning and know how to give them real life service, not just lip service.  I have had great success working with children with executive functioning issues, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing delays, dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities and other learning differences.  And when it comes to technology, I have a good handle on what works and what are just expensive wastes of time and money.  

The Importance of Relationships

But good learning is not just about science and technology; it’s about the relationships between teacher and pupil.  No technique or technology can work without a genuine and trusting relationship between teacher and pupil at its foundation.  This is why I bring passion and compassion to my work.  Academic difficulties can trigger shame, anxiety and frustration in a potentially dangerous cycle, which is why I take a patient, student-led stance toward the learning process.  At the same time, I always challenge my students to achieve at the highest level.

College (& Graduate and Independent School) Application Preparation

Working in the college setting I’ve seen first hand the rigorous demands of college, as well as the challenges of applying to college.  Although many schools offer support for students going through the application process, these services too often take a one-size-fits all approach.  For that reason, I offer a number of services to help families and adolescents choose and get into the college of their choice.  These services include unique and tailored approaches to:

- The personal statement, enabling a student to find and share their unique voice

- Standardized test prep tailored to each teen’s unique learning style

- SAT I, II, and ACT preparation and study plans, as well as SSAT and GRE help

- AP and IB exam preparation

- Application preparation


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